Full​ ​Stack​ ​Hybrid Developer​

Posted 29 Dec 2017

Inspires Career

Bangalore (Programming)


Summarized​ ​Brief:

We’re looking for Dynamic & Talented Full​ ​Stack​ ​Hybrid Developer​ with 2 - 4 Years of Experience.
* (Anyone Interested to work on Contract Basis or Part-Time are also Encouraged).

About​ ​Inspire:

We're an Angel Funded Startup Built by a Squad of Young & Enthusiastic People backed with Strong Advisors in Technology & Business like:

X-Engineering VP of Flipkart.
Tech Co-founder at HackerHive.
Investment Banker from Tiger Global.

Start-up​ ​Idea:

We are majorly focused towards Kids in the age group of 11-18 Years. 80% - 95% of School Students Fail to answer basic questions:

  1. What is Foosball?
  2. Who is Theresa May?
  3. Where is Lithuania?
  4. What after 12th, Ex: Civil Engineering but If why? Again Blank.....
  5. The capital of Assam? Inspire's mission is to give School student's the power to grow as an Individual with Strong Knowledge Back & Structured Approach towards the Future Career.


Developer Requirement. Full-stack development ( 2 - 4 Year Experienced) with more inclination towards Front​ ​End​ ​development​ is a must and will be Preferred.

** ​Work​ ​Model​ ​(Please Note):* We have a Ninja​ ​Coder​ ​Handling​ ​Back-End​ ​&​ ​Server​ who'll be Majorly Involved to Help you Learn Skills that you don't know of the below Mentioned.

Node js, Express js, MySQL or MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Playing around with Libraries and writing Efficient Code to handle large data. Search optimisation on the Back-end.

2.​ ​Frontend:
React js, Redux, Very Strong HTML/CSS/Javascript, React Native for Mobile App (iOS and Android app development).

3.​ Servers:
Ubuntu, Shell Script, Migrations and Scaling servers, Proxy servers Configuration (Nginx).

Call​ ​for​ ​General​ ​Enquiry:​ Akshay Jain (+91-9975165183).
Core​ ​Tech​ ​Related​ ​Enquiry:​ ​Rohit Raj (+91-8050535707).


Flexible timings
Mentorship from senior developers

How to Apply

Please send us your Profile at [email protected]